Every week (at least for the next several weeks) I am going to write a short article on “The Top Ten Things that Make Someone a Pulpit-Pimp.” They are not arranged in any particular order, but are set up to stand on their own so that if you wanted to refer back to a specific item you could. What I do think you must keep in mind is the fact that every word that comes out of any preacher’s mouth must be weighed against Word of God to see if it “lines up.” Jesus said in John 10, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me…” His voice is in the Holy Scriptures and if we are called and chosen by God, then He will give us understanding of His Word. So read the articles, watch the clips and go to the Word of God itself and see if what is being said by these particular “men and women of God” is truth or not. In the end, we will know them by their fruits and God will expose the pulpit-pimps who are destroying the body of Christ!


Up 1st: Disrespecting the Writers of the Bible


It is a shame that people would knowingly come against the Word of God and those chosen to bring forth that word. Yet this is what the church needs to understand- it is not done by accident. Paula White and the other fake preachers/teachers purposefully throw little things out there in an attempt to get you to look upon the writers with distrust- much like she does in this video. Beginning at around the 1:30 mark, she starts out by getting the congregation on her side, saying little “you go girl” catch phrases and whatnots.


She then says a couple of nice words concerning the Apostle to make her seem respectful before she berates him. She infers that Paul was boring and didn’t know how to preach to a crowd. Seemingly, it does not take long for her to start elevating herself as she casts him down. She brags about how people don’t die when she is preaching. She also flat-out lies when she says Paul did not know hermeneutics (the study of interpreting the scriptures) or homiletics (the art of preaching)- remember Paul was a Pharisee as a Jew and he also spent 17 years studying the scriptures after his conversion before he ever went out to preach. Yet the biggest atrocity committed by Paula was when she said that the church did not need “more preaching,” but power. This shows the lack of understanding that this woman has. What she forgets are the words written by the very same fellow she exalted herself against. Rom. 10:14-15, “How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent?...” The power is in the preaching because the strength of it comes from the scriptures. No one can ever be converted without the Gospel of Christ that comes from the scriptures.  Anybody can go out and be a great motivational speaker. Folk do it all the time and never once mention The Father, Christ or the Holy Spirit. Yet true power- power that comes from above- comes only from the Word of God. It is accessed through His Spirit to give us understanding. Yet Paula would pervert that holy, life changing power to make you believe that the only power worth having is the one that gives “gain,” because in Paula’s eyes, gain is godliness. (1 Tim 6:5)


You see, what pulpit-pimp Paula (and the others) really wants is power over the lives of people. If she has power over their lives (your lives), then she can have power over your finances. All of these wolves want nothing more than what the world wants: money, power and fame (you can throw sex in there as well for most of the others). Paula is no different in that she tears down the Apostle little by little so that she can validate what scriptures she thinks you need to believe in. Scriptures like “…men shall give into your bosom…” or “you are the head and not the tail.” Why? Because they benefit her. Why have you study verses like 1 Tim 6:6-7 that talk about godliness and leaving things of this world behind? She wouldn't have you too because she knows the power of the Word and doesn't want to take the chance in losing you to it.


As I close, I want to leave you with this particular scripture, 2 Peter 1:21, “For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake [as they were] moved by the Holy Ghost.” This scripture is specifically set up by God to refute those who would try to subvert His Word by attacking the writers. We know that every last writer was a sinner and deserved hell just as much as we do. However, it was God who called them out and it was God who gave them the words to write- including Paul. God- through His Spirit- instructed these men to write what He dictated and they did it. Do not be hoodwinked by the foolish wisdom of this world. Those that are of the world only desire to fill their appetites with the things of this world. They will even go so far as to verbally rape the church to get it. Lastly, the Word of God is our plumb line. We must compare what every person is speaking from the Bible to it. That is why we all must study to show ourselves approved unto God. You never know when you may be called upon to give an answer for your faith, one that could be used by God to witness the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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